new beginnings

Today, May 19, 2010 is the first day of our new blog pages and the entry of our new path to the whole wide world of the healthy chocolate vision.  At the out set, please allow me to tell everyone that this is the best way to enjoy the best of every day; eating,  imagine…HEALTHY CHOCOLATE..and not having to feel guilty yet feel better everyday!!!

We all have issues of some kind and probably don’t feel that we can share them with just anyone, but in the coming days and weeks; a comfort zone will begin to reveal itself.  You will see that many other have all of these similar situations and have just as much difficulty emparting them as well.

“A guilty conscience is the mother of invention.” — Carolyn Wells

Looks to me that we can and or could invent just about anything in our conscience that could make each of us feel GUILTY the better part of our day…that is; if we allowed it to be so….